Nagito while the remainder of Classification 77-B children is back in the class, planning to the latest course ahead of graduation

Nagito while the remainder of Classification 77-B children is back in the class, planning to the latest course ahead of graduation

Chisa states that it could have been a keen honor as its professor, and you can starts studying a page she waiting. Nagito and the rest of the classification clap having gratitude.

Pursuing the message, purple lights stimulate, and Chisa actually starts to shout. The fresh designed swirls return to them because they the create a promise from what they does immediately following graduation. Nagito claims the guy knows pledge usually victory, therefore he has got no problem shedding on anxiety. Shortly after bidding their unique group a last farewell, Chisa turns on a bomb one to fakes the latest loss of Class 77-B. Nagito along with his category remain outside of the school basis while they observe Hope’s Peak Academy’s destruction.

During the Disaster

Following loss of Junko, this new remnants off Anxiety gathered a few of their areas of the body to possess themselves to produce their survive inside them otherwise become closer to her. Nagito cut off his left hand and connected hers inside its’ place. No matter if the guy states the guy achieved it in the interests of stealing their own stamina and his hatred to own her, the guy in addition to obsessed more than her since the someone else. Whenever asked by the Izuru about it during the section 0, he becomes irritated and you may conflicted.

The newest remnants from Despair next provided to a crazy plan to enjoys a keen AI Junko control their health, so that they may resurrect its chief.

Danganronpa An alternate Occurrence: Super Anxiety Girls

Regardless if the guy states however started to Towa Area shopping for a safe place, it’s extremely possible you to definitely in fact, Nagito are one of many Best Despair assigned to manage new Captives ahead of he met brand new Fighters regarding Hope. The newest kids seemed unacquainted with their true label and you can planned to kill him, but chose to remain your live as their slave just after the guy pleaded getting his lifestyle.

The students produced your don a collar and you will chain up to their shoulder, entitled your simply a servant and you will total handled your such as for example the guy wasn’t actually an individual. They look for him unpleasant to own speaking an excessive amount of and since out-of his behavior so you’re able to misunderstand requests. Regardless of this, he seems to have expert along the Monokuma Students and he gives them requests.

In truth, Nagito help himself be grabbed purposely on the benefit of his own needs. The guy agreed to run Monaca (who knows his genuine identity) even with their different wants and that agreement try kept a secret regarding most other high school students. They are asked by Monaca to aid Koe and promote their particular on their magic stronghold, a developing called Towa Slopes. The guy renders a deal with Toko Fukawa and you can intends to discharge caught Byakuya Togami when the she escorts Komaru safely on stronghold.

Prologue – The fresh new Fighters of Promise

Komaru loses understanding shortly after a helicopter crash that will be brought to the fresh new kids’ airship, most likely of the Servant (Nagito). If you’re she is actually involuntary, the guy grabbed her Megaphone Hacking Gun, assessed they and you will weak they in the interest of “game equilibrium”. 2 days after, she wakes right up when you look at the a jail-instance cell. Slave hands back their Hacking Weapon, promises to render their own upgrades later and you may informs their own one she has to wade comprehend the Warriors off Guarantee. The guy plus warns her to save the fact he’d came back the brand new gun a key when the she doesn’t want to die.

When you are Komaru talks into kids, Slave quickly seems trailing their particular and you can snaps this new Monokuma Bracelet to their hand, stunning their own. He shows you that if Komaru claims on the deleting the new bracelet, it does burst. When Komaru almost states their unique gun by accident, Slave conserves their by the quickly changing the topic and you can imperceptibly reminding their away from their caution. Masaru Daimon is actually angered by this in which he threatens to help you glue Servant’s mouth closed if the he continues talking without permission. Servant only jokes a small and you will would go to stand a while then out-of other people.

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