We feel the theory of matriarchate finds out a powerful basis prior to now reputation for brand new Russian loved ones

We feel the theory of matriarchate finds out a powerful basis prior to now reputation for brand new Russian loved ones

Today’s status of your own latter generally seems to show that the second stage with its advancement is actually the family society, composed of individuals joined of the ancestry off a familiar forefather and followed closely by one to praise from ancestors which lead of it. The entire subjection of the wife to your spouse, as well as the youngsters into the dad; people of goods additionally the well-known pleasure of the establish by the the members of the family life in exact same roof; the fresh accepted superiority from senior years as well as head origin regarding the typical ancestor; the absence of testamentary dispositions off possessions, and also of the setting from legal sequence and this supposes partition, and exemption of one’s alot more remote by the nearer kin; the brand new elimination of women from contribution from the family property due to the fact relationships means they are aliens; most of these features of the fresh patriarchal relatives therefore ably represented inside the the newest work away from Sir Henry Maine, reappear in the present structure of the Russian nearest and dearest.

I mean, without a doubt, that the country someone, the middle and higher groups having currently accompanied European ways and you may tradition, being on that membership subjected to a rules and this, into the more than one section, is in head opposition to vintage law

Let us studies one after another the fresh new trait popular features of it family members constitution of the peasant, a constitution more like that of early Celts and you may Germans than just that of some of the modern countries from Europe.

The good characteristics however affixed by Russian peasant in order to agnatism, that’s to help you matchmaking on dad’s top, is shown because of the region hence predecessor worship plays even now at the occasion away from a country matrimony

Just before signing up for their own partner’s loved ones, the fresh new bride-to-be have to sever the ties having hitherto likely her toward house-morale below whoever safety she’s got passed their own young people, and must solemnly embrace the brand new worship of them of family towards the and that this woman is going to get into. It social sign of a big difference out of praise was extremely obviously present in the wedding ceremonies of your Southern Slavs. This isn’t therefore extremely managed when it comes to those of your own East Slavs. Both of these races becoming identical as to its resource and you can character, I will start with first saying the latest spiritual culture, tradition out of an undoubtedly pagan provider — nevertheless active within Bulgarian betrothals. “Into the Lika,” states Meters. Bogisic, “the latest bride-to-be, before leaving her father’s family, goes three times around the hearth, prostrating by herself. whenever, as if in order to implore forgiveness.” As you are familiar with the newest personal connection which has stayed between the praise of the fireplace which of one’s household members forefathers, I need perhaps not let you know that the latest act performed by Bulgarian fiance before you leave her parent’s home has no most other meaning than simply compared to a past invocation of the property-spirits whoever praise this woman is getting ready to abandoning.

The fresh new morale are meant to be harm because of the decision she has taken to withdraw to their husband’s homestead, in order to getting appeased because of the an act from humiliation on her behalf region. Whenever the woman is once on bridegroom’s household the new maiden is required to do an alternate service; she must chair herself near the hearth, to help keep upwards for a little while the fresh flame consuming thereon of the bits of timber tossed onto it with her very own give. The brand new symbolical reputation from the ceremony get be easily thought. The students spouse is found on the purpose of become an associate https://kissbrides.com/sv/vid/knubbiga-ensamstaende-kvinnor/ of the house neighborhood regarding their own spouse, and thus, an associate in family praise. Their particular acquiescence need to be shown because of the a symbol, along with her maintaining the brand new flames on the fireplace is precisely particularly a symbol. This new personalized just revealed is obtainable all over Bulgaria and has now come more than once alluded to of the modern ethnographers, M. Bogisic, Mr. Krauss, while others.

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