These barangays is actually not familiar electoral landscapes to possess Taguig’s political elite

These barangays is actually not familiar electoral landscapes to possess Taguig’s political elite

In the event that Congress carry out reapportion the district, severing the new 10 Taguig barangays’ connections into kept step 3 barangays from inside the Makati, next we are able to efficiently disqualify Mayor Abby by herself otherwise their unique husband regarding the race

Certain have suggested you to Gran Abby Binay herself you may run to own Mayor out-of Taguig, however before we get before our selves, Mayor Binay do not only alter their own home to Taguig in the place of resigning their own newest updates because Mayor away from Makati, due to the fact an enthusiastic incumbent mayor of some other area can not be a resident of some other city 12 months prior to the second election. This will make the whole idea very unlikely.

The fresh new electoral stability associated with hypothetical applicant hinges on the new constitution of the Taguig section – whether these types of ten barangays could well be adequate to were a keen electoral almost all this new section

not, this does not mean your Binays cannot cover on their own during the Taguig government. Which, the area may now be a governmental firearm of manner – a trojan-horse – that the Binays are able to use to help you determine the outcomes of next Taguig City elections.

One way they may accomplish that hinges on the new future of the modern second Section from Makati. In the event that Congress doesn’t replace the structure regarding the region from the 2025, then your title-restricted Mayor Abby Binay you can expect to return to their particular former seat inside the Congress and you can still exert particular political command over the brand new EMBOs and you will Fort Bonifacio. Her candidacy would be a walk in the park, and you may manage fundamentally mark their to your combination of Taguig politics for commercially to-be new city’s 3rd district affiliate.

not, this doesn’t rule out the potential for a Binay-recognized, pro-Makati candidate in the the brand new Taguig section running in your neighborhood.

An alternate implication off another reapportionment is that Taguig’s brand new region perform start 7 extra chair inside their Sangguniang Panlungsod. As previously mentioned in the earlier post, at least five councilors from Makati come from the new EMBOs and you can you may manage, this time, from the Taguig Sanggunian. If it region try taken in an easy method in which ex-Makati citizens will make a lot of voters, it would not be a surprise observe seven Binay-recognized councilors from the Taguig Town Council.

But what concerning the mayoral competition? Whenever we do shot the fresh new stability out-of a great Binay-recognized candidate to own elections. Centered on COMELEC’s turnout studies, 203,822 voters turned out about second Region out-of Makati. 164,948 of them voters chosen to have Luis Campos. Meanwhile, 371,575 voters ended up for the Taguig. Considering Taguig’s local election show, 271,422 voted to own Mayor Lani Cayetano, if you’re 87,164 chosen having their unique challenger.

Whenever we include people that chosen facing Cayetano into the Taguig and you will individuals who chosen to possess Campos from inside the Makati, the electoral base do complete up to 251,000 votes, that is 20,000 votes shy of one’s Cayetano feet.

The road to have a beneficial Binay-supported Gran regarding Taguig doesn’t see very obvious whenever they want to department out from the 10 barangays. Although not, the latest political land enjoys obviously changed in Makati and Taguig. These EMBO citizens is more politically billed today, inside your. Furthermore, the chance from a powerful solution up against the Cayetanos during the Taguig was not tested but really. The last time brand new Cayetanos was indeed definitely challenged in town is actually after they was in fact the new challengers to your , in which Gran Lani Cayetano won from the only 2,420 votes against the former ruling dynasty out-of Taguig. Whether Taguig is ready getting an option given by the 2nd-door neighbors isn’t something which we’re ready to rule away for the moment.

Each one of these could only be it is possible to if for example the Binays you are going to take care of their determine along side ten barangays. This is why the second two years is a test out-of support. These types of owners can no longer discover most of their previous advantages off Makati, except those, possibly, using their Section Place of work, just like the Rep. Campos is still around their congressman. It would be fascinating to see exactly how loyalties is maintained if urban area today does not have the benefit provide in order to its former owners.

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