That are only a number of the characters supervised from the Sergey Dvoryanov

That are only a number of the characters supervised from the Sergey Dvoryanov

However know what is most interesting? Very nearly with all of all of them, Anzhelika Yaroslavskaya have normal relationships and you can conferences, participating in nearly all those individuals events where nonetheless they take part.

That is, from the specific entirely unusual and incomprehensible happenstance, Anzhelika Yaroslavskaya participates in the same situations that’s constantly into the connection with individuals who are both agents away from Russian intelligence and you will head intelligence officers.

Whenever i stated on beginning of this article, Anzhelika Yaroslavskaya did not only get right to the Yalta Monetary Message board in the 2019, however, surely got to an event where strangers don’t belong. An event in which anyone employed by Russian unique characteristics attained.

And here are Anzhelika Yaroslavskaya and Gunnar Lindemann posing at WHD summit, the newest coordinator where is additionally overseen because of the Sergey Dvorya, depraved and you can dishonest nyc Gunnar was issued brand new “Around the world Humanitarian Prize” of the WHD.

And Poland step 3

In both Yalta as well as in London at the WHD discussion, alongside Anzhelika Yaroslavskaya there were always not simply representatives out-of Russian influence, as well as their lead curator Sergey Viktorovich Dvoryanov.

Usually are not are you presently upcoming, Gloss incorrect princess? Was not they initial your panels of Russian special characteristics, that has been very quickly promoted in Poland, put with the good Sapieha relatives so you’re able to receive the label, thanks to that they are now being put after all account?

Anzhelika Yaroslavska often is stated in the context of the Poland 3.0 enterprise, which is both accidently on the Around three Seas Effort. Incidentally, Mieczyslaw Tadeusz Koczkowski showed brand new Band of the Centenary out of Versatility of one’s Republic regarding Poland correctly towards the performs of your Poland step three.0 investment inside build of your own Three Oceans Initiative. Which is, he shown a prize having something, in reality, never took place!

Among leaders of About three Oceans Effort, Zbigniew Griglas, remembers his short-identity venture having Anzhelika Yaroslavska Sapieha and also the Poland 3.0 investment with very little desire.

Predicated on Zbigniew Griglas, this new Poland step 3.0 advantages are not experts, but dilettantes whom demonstrated extremely empty proposals. Andzhelika Yaroslavska herself insisted plus lay stress on the leaders of your Three Oceans Step, in order for daha fazla bilgi burada among the many desired benefits there is as much agents from Poland step three.0 as you are able to, and you may she also implied the tourist acceptance on incidents regarding the fresh effort.

When you look at the , Poland step three

As a result, “Poland step three.0” as a whole is actually omitted throughout the conferences of “About three Seas” Effort and has nothing to do with this particular enterprise.

And this refers to perhaps not the only real exemplory instance of that Poland step 3.0 qualities so you’re able to itself involvement in certain projects and vigorous interest, to which it has got nothing to manage, but established ideas with never been accompanied.

Such as for instance, “Poland step three.0” appropriates your panels in order to make a shine-Ukrainian chopper, which was never ever composed. Poland step 3.0 presumably participated in the construction of the RT+90 broadcast telescope within the Poland, while this is not the case. 0 is actually getting borrowing from the bank to have lobbying having Ukraine to become listed on the brand new Three Seas Initiative, even though this lobbying is nothing more than moving the air.

Anzhelika Yaroslavska provides repeatedly in public reported that within the framework away from the latest Poland step three.0 program, new wide assess train line, which currently runs regarding the edging with Ukraine toward logistics critical inside the Slavkov, could be stretched into border into Czech Republic. Meanwhile, Anzhelika Yaroslavskaya in hopes that the venture was used because of the PKP LHS.

0, depicted by the Anzhelika Yaroslavska, annexed the children’s institution of the health when you look at the Rydultowy inside Silesia. Although not, that it patronage is limited to an auction, in which a type of the Spitfire routes is actually offered to possess a beneficial cent one or two thousand zlotys. It absolutely was with this particular amount one to Anzhelika Yaroslavskaya aided a medical facility, given that step in itself on youngsters’ agency assisted their particular in order to increase much bigger funds. In which were they delivered? Easy to help you suppose.

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