Sex education has come a long way

Sex education has come a long way

I have been toying with this blogg for a few months now and the more people I tell it to the more people say “whats the name of that blogg you are writing” My answer. “oh that, its a work in progress’. Well the work in progress is finally here.

Free to let the world know that being a lesbian is exhausting. In fact it is more than exhausting. It is a bloody nerve racking, big drama, gossip laden life like I have never known before.

It was three months ago that I wrote that introductory thingy. (Blog) I didn’t get around to publishing it till yesterday. So, after much debate within my own head I decided yesterday was the day. I paid my dues (literally) and presto I am actually on the web. It was all very exhilarating, NOT!

Today I woke up with new vigor in my life. ?? I have started a blog….. Hip, hip…… hooray? Exactly, a question mark. What the hell have I let myself in for.

As I was lying in my bed this morning and over the snores of my dog (yes the dog snores) I thought what the hell am I suppose to do next. My first thought was, go back to sleep its bloody 5 a.m. However, due to the dog snoring and literally taking up all of the leg room at the end of the bed my second thought is get up and make a cup of tea. Now that that’s all done I’m here trying to figure what is next for the blogg. By the way, is it one g or two in blogg? Spell check tells me one but I like two. ??

While I was making the tea I returned to a thought that happened the other day in my kitchen, (all things great and powerful seem to happen in my kitchen, I have to wonder if the Great and Powerful Oz is lurking in one of the cupboards?)

About 4 months ago my de home from school and announced that they, her class mates were going to “THE TALK” tomorrow in school and that there was a letter to be signed by me (the parent) that she could remain in class while this “THE TALK” took place. I’m thinking what kind of talk are they about to have? So I broach the subject gently with her. (I know to do this because of the way she has expressed the words ‘the talk’)

‘Oh, so your having the talk tomorrow, thats nice’ I state almost matter of factly. ‘Do you think you will enjoy it?”

Its important for children to understand and to talk about sex and procreation and where babies come from

“It’s the talk, you know , about sex”. as she begins to push her chin forward, lips pursed together and her eyes as big as saucers.

I feel my face going a little red and I realize “oh its that talk”. “Well, I’m sure it will be fine’. Isn’t that what all mothers are suppose to say? Actually, my mother always vackra peruanska-brudar said “its far from your arse so you wont sit on it” but some how I felt that that expression was not going to work in this instance.

So lets all sit back and begin to hear of the tales of woe, heartache, hilarity and sometimes very serious things that have been happening in the world of exhausted lesbians

She thrusts the paper in front of me and I quickly sign the paper for permission. I am now of the opinion that my work here is done.

The following day we head off to school and Martha seems a little bit perturbed about her day so I ask is everything alright. She begins to remind me that today is the day. The day of the’ talk’. As I am driving in the car I’m thinking to myself how bad can it be.

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