Re: Youngsters of one’s 10th Lord Clifford redux

Re: Youngsters of one’s 10th Lord Clifford redux

Web page 217 states” They had step 3 sons, ( Henry and you may Anne St-john)Henry 11th Lord Clifford,Thomas & Edward.and you can half a dozen d, Anne meters Ralph Melford,Eleanor mNinian Markenfield & John Constable,Elizabeth meters Ralph Bowes andMargaret m Cuthbert Ratcliffe.”

The earliest origin for Edward Clifford, young man of your tenth Lord Cliffordand Anne St. John, seems to be Collins’ Peerage (1812), which was thenfollowed from the J. W. Clay, “The latest Clifford Family members” in ‘YorkshireArchaeological Journal’, Frequency 18 (1905), p. 375. Due to the fact c.1505 HenryVII Interactions pedigree, the 1563 Visitation regarding Yorkshire, and you may Lady AnneClifford’s 17th-century account of one’s Cliffords makes no reference to anEdward Clifford, young buck of the 10th Lord and you can Anne St. John, I believe he canbe anvГ¤ndbara resurser got rid of. Perhaps he had been one of the several unnamed sons of the 10thLord and you can next wife Florence Pudsey, which passed away more youthful?

I found myself wrong in my own earlier article: it wasn’t ‘The Domestic away from Clifford’that are the original secondary supply to track down E Clifford’s twomarriages correct. J. W. Clay in his 1905 blog post, says (p. 375):”Elizabeth; , exactly who died 1516.(2) William Tonge. (Flower’s ‘Visitation off Yorkshire’, p. 325.)”Curiously, the only real other daughters Clay assigns towards the 10th Lord andAnne St. John try Mabel and you may Eleanor.

Douglas and you will PA3 are merely just like the reliable as supply the guy utilized, all the ofwhich will be seemed. They are right within the supplying the tenth LordClifford a maximum of 7 daughters: Joan, Mabel, Anne, Eleanor, Elizabeth,Margaret and you can Dorothy. But even when Age and you can Margaret werethe daughters regarding Anne St. John is really what is now becoming discussed.

That next mention on your ancestress Dorothy Clifford Lowther that i hadoverlooked as yet in An effective.G. Dickens, “Clifford Characters from theSixteenth Century” (Surtees Area, Volume 172, 1962), p. 132 n. 22:

“Dr. Williamson (‘Lady Anne Clifford’, p. 18) saw during the Lowther Castle areceipt old 22 Henry VIII [], where Sir John Lowtheracknowledged acquiring out-of Richard, abbot of Shap, ?50, inside the fullpayment out-of three hundred marks due so you can your because of the first Earl regarding Cumberland inconnection for the marriage between their son Hugh Lowther and you may theEarl’s aunt Dorothy Clifford. To their multiple offspring, see’Pedigrees . out-of Cumberland and you will Westmorland’, ed. J. Promote, p. 84.”

These was the source Dr. Spence found in “The latest Shepherd Lord” p. 33,to have their statement your 10th Lord offered 3 hundred marks to own Dorothy’smarriage part. The quote over will not inform you whetheror not the new three hundred scratches is the entire marriage part, or a portion of itthat had been owing.

Re: Alexander very first Earl of Stirling

I was questioning if or not somebody enjoys a duplicate, of:step one. Alexander Alexander dad of your own first Earl away from Stirling’s friends treeand or2. William Alexander the 1st Earl out-of Stirling’s family tree

Pick is to try to see _genealogics.org_ ( ) Come across this person where program and then click towards tab getting Descendents.

Up coming once you have transcribed the newest all those names that are probably to help you pop up, you can feel totally extremely fatigued I am aware.

RE: Surname Profiler – a useful guide to surname frequency

Thank you so much friends for it! it lead me to search an aldridgesurname from britian & england & in my members of the family, I’d suspect We elizabeth included in this searchengine

This great site will be based upon a recently available research project dependent within UniversityCollege London (UCL) and that examined new shipping away from surnames inGreat Britain, each other newest and you may historical, so you’re able to understandpatterns out-of local financial creativity, population way andcultural title. This website lets users to locate the new databasesthat he has created, and to shade the newest geography and you can reputation for theirfamily brands.

I checked the site for my very own surname, Richardson, and it also showedthat the heaviest density with the identity result of brand new north ofEngland. In general, this website try a useful equipment to possess genealogists.

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