Many Bemba men first started the marriages of the earliest engaging younger girls below the period of adolescence

Many Bemba men first started the marriages of the earliest engaging younger girls below the period of adolescence

The students girl isn’t consulted that have after all. The fresh girl would go to their upcoming husband’s household, sometimes by yourself, normally that have family members after the relationship price is negotiated. On her basic stop by at his family she did not cam to him otherwise go into his home instead of short merchandise getting offered to help you him. She’d up coming speak to your and you may create plenty of cleaning getting him. She would manage what she believe was good for their particular coming spouse. This period of courtship was labeled as ukwisha. During this period, she is responsible for the fresh mans each and every day eating. The latest groom had to build his or her own home regarding the village in which he had been life style, or in the fresh community of his parents-in-legislation.

Matrimony Preparations

Inside the Namwanga, new man’s moms and dads policy for a good Katawa Mpango. This might be an incredibly acknowledged person symbolizing the fresh new groom’s welfare. The fresh new groom’s nearest and dearest will get able and you can ily. New girl, just after getting the fresh Insalamu, takes they in order to their grandmother. Here is the official method their particular family members is actually told.

Their granny tells her parents plus the friends. It possibly undertake otherwise refute new offer. Whatever the ily in order to means them using brand new Katawa Mpango. When he check outs, he usually needs a made hoe, covered with material having a handle. The hoe was an icon on the world, to have cultivation, having fertilization. The guy sells white beans and you may handful of money. This new beans and money are placed in a little dish secure which have an alternative small bowl of equal dimensions.

Brand new go-ranging from have to know our home of one’s girl’s mother. Mene tГ¤nne Generally, the guy knocks into the home which is greeting in the. Dramatically he falls on their as well as claps their hand. This will be to point with the girls marriage panel he is found on a married relationship objective. Then he cities this new hoe and you will plates on to the floor midway within marriage panel and you will themselves. He then demonstrates to you his objective and that is asked of numerous questions because of the this new girl’s household members. If the no ily, brand new hoe try removed straight back, beads and money are pulled by the girl’s family. In the event that a choice of getting rejected try hit you to go out, the new hoe try pulled right back. When they undertake, this new plates try started plus the hoe is accepted since the girl acknowledges she knows the reason.

Brand new wade-between accounts into the mans family relations. If your answer is confident, your family actually starts to get ready relationship money and you can a marriage council are instituted to look on the points. The latest go-between yields towards the a designated time to have information on the marriage payments. When he output, unique delicacies are prepared for their second journey from the mans family relations.

When you look at the pre-colonial several months, the wedding payment integrated cattle (five or maybe more), chickens and a good cow (should your girl try a good virgin). So it fee visited the mother when you look at the fancy to own having a baby on the girl. Almost every other payments is demanded immediately – a good chitenge cloth, material sneakers and a clothes – 2 blankets, a couple of shoes and a healthy towards the dad.

Pygmie Matrimony Living

The newest Lamba or Lima mommy become the procedure of searching for good girl to have their own young man to get married. She would search for a started girl understood in your area while the ichisungu otherwise moye. (An inexperienced girl was not to possess wedding until she achieved adolescence otherwise initiation many years.) Mom of your own guy visited neighboring towns looking for the best single initiated girl. Whenever she discovered that – that who was away from a great household members considering their particular judgments, maybe not the newest son’s, she’d look at the mother of girl and give their particular you to she desired their own young buck to help you wed her child. The mother carry out up coming explore which along with her daughter, the people’s mommy perform return home and you will return a number of weeks after to own an answer.

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