How Long Should You Wait Before Sex? 29 Must-Knows On Time, Dates & Sex

How Long Should You Wait Before Sex? 29 Must-Knows On Time, Dates & Sex

Sex is on your mind. Whether you just met someone or not, how long should you wait before you have sex? There are a lot of things to consider.

Sex is a big deal for some, but not so much so for others. And you are 100% entitled to your opinions and feelings. But how long should you wait before you have sex?

Many people wonder how long to wait before sex and it’s a long-debated subject. The truth? It’s a totally personal thing that you can only answer for yourself.

Yet, sadly there is still quite a bit of judgment that goes into having sex too soon or even waiting too long.

Society has made it its mission to shame women no matter their decisions about sex, but that should not impact your choice. You have to do what sits right with you and your partner. [Read: How to have safe sex in every single way it is possible to]

What does having sex mean?

In regards to dating, sex can mean that you are exclusive or you hope you are. Unfortunately, it can also mean you’re too easy in someone’s eyes. Just as not having sex can mean that you’re a prude.

Although those assumptions are archaic and quite a bit sexist, they do exist. And even if a man doesn’t judge you whenever you decide to have sex, how you feel about it matters. Maybe you have sex and break up down the line. You might regret having slept with him.

Even how you feel immediately after could make you question your own behavior. Sex may be a somewhat simple act, but everything that surrounds it tends to be complicated. [Read: Consequences of having sex too soon you need to be prepared for]

The thing you need to get clear in your mind is what sex means to you. It’s true that sex is a big deal, but how big a deal is it to you? What are your thoughts?

How do you feel about the “how long should you date before sex” debate? You have to know what your ideas are before you can make your own decisions.

What does sex mean to you?

Sex has a biological definition, but to you, it can mean anything. It can be a way to burn calories, have fun, trust someone else with your body, or fully connect with someone you love. [Read: Signs meaningless sex is something you can handle]

But since sex means something different to everyone, depending on what you’re looking for from this relationship, waiting may be the answer for you. But then again, it may not.

Why is this such a big deal to begin with?

Why are we even asking the question of how long should you wait before sex? Should this even be a thing we’re concerned about?

The main reason why people ponder this question is because of what other people might think. Which is wrong on many levels.

You see, dating has a lot of unspoken rules and judgments that can be placed upon you if you go against one of them. [Read: Rules of dating – the unspoken guidelines the create the best dates]

You might meet someone, really connect and have such a huge amount of sexual chemistry that you want to sleep with them on the first date. However, you might meet someone and it’s a slow-burning situation.

It might take six or more dates before you feel those twinges of desire. Is either situation wrong? Not really! As long as both parties agree, then what’s the issue? [Read: Sleeping with someone new for the first time? Must-follow rules]

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