Gents and ladies don a comparable fatigues and carry out the exact same work: clean up, cooking, build

Gents and ladies don a comparable fatigues and carry out the exact same work: clean up, cooking, build

Zero gender haven

Rios’s mountainside camp in the town off Icononzo retains three hundred anybody, from which 125 is actually female, in keeping with brand new gender ratio off FARC general.

“For all of us, feminine have a similar liberties as the dudes,” told you 38-year-dated Gregory Morales, an effective 17-seasons experienced of your own break the rules class.

As opposed to just the right-wing paramilitaries they fought against, FARC have a gender commentary, told you Kimberly Theidon, a professor and you can informative director off gender investigation in the around the world knowledge in the Tufts University’s Fletcher School.

Both previous and you can latest ladies in FARC IRIN questioned said that they had entered the rebels willingly and had been absolve to like their sexual lovers. None said they had experienced sexual attacks – statements in keeping with exactly what one to shock counselor whom works closely with ex-combatants had together with seen.

This type of membership range from reports written by human legal rights watchdogs such as for instance Amnesty In the world and those legal rights failed to extend on the regulators when they stumbled on pregnancies.

“If you are a guerrilla, you have got to simply take contraception,” told you Victoria Sandino, an elder FARC commander who was simply the brand new group’s user into the an excellent gender sandwich-payment throughout peace talks from inside the Havana, Cuba.

She told you it had been a requirement since FARC was a student in an active combat. If the guerrillas had pregnant and you can desired to secure the child, they had to go away the team. Whenever they desired to stand, they had to help you abort, told you Sandino.

“There is certainly the ideology and there’s the reality, and there is a space between them,” told you Theidon, noting just how she had viewed center-aged commanders with pretty girls because of the their side. “What’s toward forty five-year-old-man toward younger guerrillera?”

Theidon, who has researched the newest FARC widely, told you men guerrillas said they don’t need certainly to marry their comrades because feminine competitors have experienced multiple sexual people. “There’s an effective stigma as much as such feminine, also among of those they given.”

Women are not portrayed in the greatest echelons of your own equipped clothes. Throughout the seven-member secretariat you to definitely controls the fresh new FARC, such as, there are not any women.

“For people, this has been tough to be in ranks out of leaders because it’s an army which have a beneficial patriarchal plan and you can machismo,” Sandino recognized, including one to inside the peace deals, an interior strive to possess identifying feminine ensued.

“If you find yourself planning to put the landmine, you will want to definitely do not inhale, that hands cannot shake”

Five years ago, she said, there had been no feminine among the 29 senior commanders of FARC’s shared standard professionals. Today, discover 61 commanders and you may eleven of those is actually women.

Relationship and fraternity

Since thirty two-year-old Yurany Cardenas was a young child expanding through to a farm boxed in by the araderie. She dutifully helped their particular mom and you may little sis develop corn and you can yucca, nevertheless are a mature men cousin she featured as much as. Whenever she was 14 years of age, you to cousin, old twenty-two at the time, remaining to become listed on the fresh FARC.

Cardenas, for example others elevated from inside the secluded sides from Colombia, has already been familiar with the group. Their particular mommy is also bad to send Cardenas along with her sis to college and FARC competitors pitched in. “They gave my mom currency so i might have to go to college, buy courses and you will clothing,” told you Cardenas. “Using their let, We read 3 years from primary university.”

However, Cardenas was not interested in college. She planned to signup her relative. Cardenas said she made several attempts to persuade the newest guerrillas and they finally concurred, for the updates she talked to help you their own mother about this. Their own mom, needless to say, begged their unique to stay: “You might be huge, not adequate,” Cardenas appreciated their own claiming.

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