Fiore’s fascination with their child, Hisui, after privately transforming their own with the a mouse

Fiore’s fascination with their child, Hisui, after privately transforming their own with the a mouse

Irene shows is really knowledgeable, showcasing herself due to the fact a beneficial historian whenever revisiting a great folktale from their unique birthplace, relatively experiencing the offset out-of a “wonderful story” of the two angels from Zonia. She’s proven to features a humorous top so you can their unique, once the viewed when she desired to get a hold of Juliet and you will Heine do competition, in order to after state it actually was a tale.

Irene is extremely confident in her very own energy, attempting to maintain Acnologia herself (actually speaking out-of humanity’s finest chances without the shyness in her own words) however once the her own comrades, included in this being August, indexed that they could not beat new Black Dragon instead Fairy Cardiovascular system at their convenience.

When it comes to their underlings, she actually is extremely connected with them, even referencing them given that their unique “college students,” going to its safeguards immediately following its race against Mirajane Strauss, painfully torturing the second just like the collateral getting conquering them

She including screens signs of being a vicious private, such as when she questioned Toma E. When displeased at the their caring conditions having his kids, she makes an excellent muted term for her face in advance of moving to assault them, featuring their hate for some thing perhaps not apropos so you’re able to how she conceives it to be. Whenever she arrived at torture Mirajane, she devilishly guaranteed their that not only create she not have a quick demise, but just after it is all said and you may complete, she would change her on a a lump of rotting chicken, exhibiting a lot more of their particular evil and you may brutal characteristics.

Whenever serious, she has shown to criticize and start to become truly dull to those actually over their unique, like the Emperor, on the latter dealing with the war since a game and have inviting naivety inside the cardio in relation to his former companion, attempting to function as the one to right him courtesy all of it. Along with all this, she is extremely sincere and you may no-cost to the people more than their particular, still getting higher supplement on same Emperor exactly who she reported when the the guy took part in the war against Ishgar so it manage getting more than in the course of time once they first started, if you are providing honor about Black Dragon’s compliments immediately following stepping into struggle with him, coming back the brand new choose from the saying brand new gossip regarding his strength don’t manage him people justice directly. However, she can feel a little vain also gold-tongued, remembering that the woman is no more known as the “Vivid red Angel,” however the “Vivid red Depression,” hoping things far cuter to be named.

Due to this, their unique believe besides advances in her, but towards the you’ll off her Kingdom, proclaiming that she could reserve the Majesty’s “war online game” because of the activity from handling Acnologia, stating Alvarez (together Majesty at helm) would be successful whatever the lead

Four hundred years back, Irene are a sort individual, which have undergone governmental marriage to guard their unique nation and you can prevent issues. She try a company believer in the individual-Dragon coexistence, greatest exemplified by the their unique experience of the newest Dragon Belserion, confiding in your their own sadness during the mere concept of Dragons food and you will mistreating individuals, plus starting Dragon Slayer Miracle so as to enhance the coexistence faction earn the battle, all the along with his assist, most of the up until their dying from the Acnologia’s hand, and that kept Irene such as for example distraught. She was also really maternal, halting their unique fetus’ progress that have Wonders whenever she are imprisoned for undergoing dragonization, and you can sped up the process only to guard their particular. While in the their numerous hundred many years of are an effective Dragon, Irene became enthusiastic about back again to their own muscles, and ultimately, after getting hired right back, to get a real human once again. This fixation became madness and you will desperation, with her seeking to enchant herself on to their own yet-still-unborn fetus and you can a failure, and therefore ended that have Irene leaving their particular infant infant when you look at the Rosemary Town. That it designated Irene’s done deviation out of exactly how she had previously been, and you will from this Phnom penh wife point, she at some point became the fresh vain, cold-hearted and you can horrible private in the modern.

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