F. Peterson 00080-Box 5-Document thirteen-61 French Durum Change Payment – Seated: Meters

F. Peterson 00080-Box 5-Document thirteen-61 French Durum Change Payment – Seated: Meters

Thomas; A good. L. Hagen, Supt. C. Hendrickson, Supt. H. Gifford; Audre Jacques, Moreau, Paris; Leo Bergeron, Bottineau (interpreter); Standing: Dominique Agard, Paris; Jean Brun, Marseille; Jean Racine, Marseille; Piere Halbronn, Paris 00080-Field 5-File 13-62 Woman as well as 2 dudes 00080-Package 5-File 13-63 Mrs. L.T. Hagen, Dickinson, Secretary; Mrs. A great.An effective. Schmiess, Jamestown, President; Mrs. C.O. Smith, Williston, Vice-president; Mrs. F.O. Beck, Bismarck, Treasurer 00080-Package 5-Document thirteen-64 Seated: Mrs. L.S. Riley, Minot; Mrs. J.P. Griffin, Larrimore; Mrs. H.R. Rutten, Devils River; Mrs. R.Yards. Bergem, Minot; Mrs. O.H. Hoffman, Hannaford Position: Mrs. E.C. Linscheid, Jamestown; Mrs. F.A. Gibbens, Jamestown; Mrs. R.L. Bork, Williston; Mrs. O.L. Kermott, Towner; Mrs. D.Roentgen. Perry, Bisan, Hazen; Mrs. An excellent.L. Pushor, Columbus, Indiana 00080-Box 5-File 13-65 Eight female 00080-Container 5-File 13-66 Mrs.

Eugene Steeped, Mrs. Wayne Pitcher, Mrs. Gilbert Ellwein, Mrs. Kye Bass, Jr. Eugene Rich, Mrs. Wayne Pitcher, Mrs. Gilbert Ellwein, Mrs. Kye Bass, Jr. W.A. Van Vleet, Mrs. Chet Perry, Mrs. Roentgen.H. Miller 00080-Box 5-Document 13-69 Bill Crane, Billings, Ed Gentzkow, LaMoure, Ray Fretz, Enderlin 00080-Box 5-File thirteen-70 Mrs. Claire Spry, Mrs. Stanley Graben 00080-Package 5-Document 13-71 Website visitors met from the T. Yards. appointment – Mrs. Douglas Payne, invitees, Mrs. Melvin Erickson, Pub Chairman, Skip Joyce Alpert, Assistant, Mrs. Bjoine Naaden, Hostess President 00080-Field 5-File thirteen-72 Side in order to straight back: Terry and you may Joe Garrity, 5, Joseph and you may Gordon Leingang, 6, Marlene and you may Marie Dossinger, 5, Susan and you may Brigid Guthrie, six, Therese and Thomas Akers, six 00080-Field 5-File thirteen-73 Joan Dinesen, Evon Bratten, Richard Gamble, E Silbernagel, Librarian 00080-Package 5-Document thirteen-74 Woman on typewriter 00080-Field 5-Document thirteen-75 Band of teenage students 00080-Box 5-File 13-76 Son having poster 00080-Field 5-File 13-77 Young buck having poster 00080-Field 5-Document 13-78 Dr.


Buckingham, Debbie Rauscher, nine, and you may Mrs. Bob Kaiser, Rn 00080-Package 5-File thirteen-79 Gerald Klein looking at cow 00080-Box 5-File 13-80 Carol Deckert, 16, with cushion handcraft exhibit – “Harriet Hustlers” 00080-Box 5-Document thirteen-81 Harvey Walter, 10, that have handcraft exhibit – “Harriet Hustlers” 00080-Container 5-Document thirteen-82 Daniel Preszler, Moffit, and you will Jerry Boren requiring offers toward Herford drive 00080-Package 5-Document 13-83 Girl with Herford drive 00080-Package 5-Document 13-84 Boy leading direct within the band 00080-Box 5-File thirteen-85 Child that have antelope 00080-Box 5-Document 13-86 Young buck with antelope 00080-Package 5-File thirteen-87 Boy and you can three girls thinking about basketball bat 00080-Package 5-Document thirteen-88 Andrew Haring that have several pound North Pike 00080-Box 5-Document thirteen-89 Ed Klein of Bismarck which have King Fish trapped during the Westport inside Washington state.

Ternes having flowers 00080-Container 5-Document 14-38 Lady holding branch packed with raspberries?

Bismarck Tribune Range – Oct 1962 00080-Field 5-Document 14-01 Mr. Gary Suppliers 00080-Container 5-Document fourteen-02 Mr. Jess Cooper 00080-Package 5-File fourteen-03 Lester L. Bosch 00080-Field 5-Document 14-04 Dr. Allen Anderson, Mrs. Adrean Taylor, Mrs. J https://kissbrides.com/web-stories/top-10-hot-mumbai-women/.B. Shjeflo, Mrs. McCreery 00080-Package 5-File fourteen-28 Mrs. Eugene Glass, captain; Mrs. John Larson, Cut-off personnel; Mrs. Harold Neumiller, Block personnel 00080-Container 5-File 14-30 Mrs. Walter Hjelle, Condition Un Day President; Mrs. Buckingham, Bisan, Bismarck-Mandan proxy 00080-Container 5-File 14-30 People as well as 2 female during the lobby 00080-Box 5-Document fourteen-30 Lady in the wheelchair 00080-Field 5-File 14-thirty-two Five guys in front of airplane 00080-Box 5-Document 14-33 A couple of guys updates inside the a job workplace 00080-Package 5-File 14-34 Girl holding large potato 00080-Container 5-Document fourteen-thirty-five Girl carrying plant 00080-Package 5-Document 14-thirty-six Girl holding bush 00080-Container 5-File 14-37 Mrs.

Jacobson, Virginia Wutzke, Valerie Alm 00080-Package 5-File 14-68 Col. Thomas An excellent. Barry and E. S. Cummingham 00080-Box 5-Document fourteen-69 Several armed forces guys 00080-Box 5-Document 14-70 Rev. Vincent Ammann, OSB 00080-Field 5-File 14-71 About three feminine – Luther Category 00080-Box 5-File 14-72 Karen Merkel, Bismarck, Believed Panel; Carolyn Zandtke, Fargo, Youthfulness Believe Classification Chairman; Betty Johnson, Bismarck, Parish personnel initial Lutheran, Bismarck; Roger Grothen, Freemont, Nebraska – Luther League 00080-Field 5-File 14-73 A couple dogs 00080-Package 5-Document 14-74 Younger lady and you may guy beside Studebaker 00080-Package 5-File 14-75 Vehicle 00080-Package 5-Document 14-76 Mercury Monterey 00080-Container 5-Document 14-77 Automobile 00080-Field 5-Document 14-78 Trucks 00080-Box 5-File 14-80 Stack out-of sandbags 00080-Field 5-File 14-81 Damaged class room 00080-Box 5-Document fourteen-82 Eleanor Roosevelt to your extender?

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