During reconciliation my h told me that after he moved in with ow, he called his mother for advice

During reconciliation my h told me that after he moved in with ow, he called his mother for advice

He is aware tht he is the one that ruined my relationship with his mother and sister and feels real remorse over it

Talk about MIL! And guess what she said?! She is really happy that he left me! And the way he told me, it sounded that he was disappointed to hear that from her. And apologized to me. There was SIL who encouraged ow, and befriended her, and this SIL told everybody how happy my h is with ow. I don’t talk to her, even when we meet. The difficult situations really show who is really next to you. And truth to be told kissbrides.com navegue aqui, i am a foreigner in his country, and except his MIL and SIL, all the other family members supported me and our kids.

EG Thanks but is it the high road when you think bad thought :0? I feel like such and insincere bitch. I’ve never been one to care what people think of me but after all it is his mother, good or bad. I also didn’t know early in my marriage that you were NEVER to say anything bad about them even though he called them every name in the book. I could win an academy award for the performance I put on where they are concerned. I even feign interest and sympathy to him with regards to his parents. I don’t think God is too happy with me about that. I don’t like them I don’t hate them but when they finally leave this earth I will be doing a quite happy dance. My luck they will out live me. Only the good die young!

My SIL befriended ow as well. The entire side of his family went to OW birthday party while affair was going on! It is really really hard to act civilized in front on my MIL. ! Omg. He is the one tht made changes. He wishes we could forget about it and move on. I will NEVER forget how they stabbed me in the back.

isn’t It amazing, and pathetic, that so many of these cheaters seem to get no moral guidance from it’s most important source, their parents ? I had hoped to get some moral support from my MIL hoping she could help my H se e what he was doing to our family. At first she believed me, then she acted like I was tcrazy one. “I’ve been accused of stuff I didnt do, too.,” Then she said “I’m not in this”… What, you can’t even commit to telling your married son he shouldn’t run around with whores behind his wifes back? I can see where a lot of this crap originates…

She even went so fr as to tell me that she is happy with all the changes I made to keep her son happy!

I agree, Giz! As I’ve posted, my MIL told my H what he’d done wasn’t a ‘big deal,’ that ‘lots’ of people do it, and that for all he knew I’d probably had an affair too since I’m ‘attractive’ and ‘travel a lot.’ She’s also said since that I should just ‘get over it’; she’s never once told my H he did anything wrong; and she’s said that if I can’t forgive him, then I must not be a very good person. Gee, thanks; nothing like kicking a gal when she’s down. When my father had an affair and left my mother, his parents – my mother’s in-laws – behaved very differently. My grandmother, his mother, was furious with him for abandoning his family, chewed him out over it, took me and my sisters to her house for weeks at a time to give my mom a break, and refused to speak to my father – her only son – for several years. My grandfather, my mother’s father-in-law, took care of us in the evenings so that my mother could go back to school to train for a job, and kept trying (and failing) to persuade my father to give up the whore and return home. Maybe these are the actions of a different generation, or of people with a firmer sense of right-and-wrong?

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