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A typical Change Control Board might consist of the development manager, the test lead, and a product manager. Less commonly, the client might directly advocate their interests as part of the Change Control Board. Timing – The effectivity may need to be selected so that a given operational capability will be available at a given time or for a specific event such as a planned deployment of forces or a training exercise. The Presentation Guidelines – “Fit-for-Purpose” viewpoints, dashboards, decision views, etc. If the request is approved, it is passed to the SCR registrar who logs it into the SCR database and assigns a number.

configuration control board

Critically discuss the common problems that project teams encounter when dealing with scope-change management. A group of qualified people with responsibility for the process of regulating and approving changes to hardware, firmware, software, and documentation throughout the development and operational life cycle of an information system. Threat Without a Configuration Control Board, arbitrary, unapproved, and undocumented changes and updates to information system baselines have the potential to negatively impact system integrity and availability.


Each Architectural Description effort must establish a CM process and document it in a CM Plan. This plan is submitted when each version or update to the Architectural Description is submitted to DARS for registration and discovery. In developing CM processes for Architectural Descriptions it is recommended that best practices be adopted such as those outlined in Electronic Industries Alliance Standard EA-649.

configuration control board

Where the configuration item has a wider impact, a board may consist of a number of people, such as the project manager, customer representative, and the person responsible for quality assurance. This may be where a requirement specification forms the basis for the design or the final delivery to the customer. The Change Control Board and Change Advisory Board share a similar focus of reviewing and making decisions for change requests, though their scopes vary widely. Regardless of differences, the structure for both change bodies must be clear, effective, and efficient. Without these components, companies will fall behind competitors who make changes quickly and safely. The Change Control Board and the Change Advisory Board are similar organizational structures play vital roles in decision making.

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While the change control board usually has the authority, its decision is not always final and binding. CM provides an orderly way to facilitate change, based on a documented requirements baseline, and utilizing best practices in the change management process. This is intended to ensure that expectations are fully understood and realized in an efficient manner, including proper consideration of all potential impacts on customers and resources. CM is a necessary and critical process to assure an orderly and stable evolution of any Architectural Description and also to ensure that the DoDAF remains current in the face of evolving methods and techniques of Architectural Description creation and management. A change control board is the team that makes decisions regarding implementing certain changes. Learn about the responsibility of the members involved and the types of change requests, demonstrated through an example.

  • The main objective of a CCB is to ensure the client accepts the project.
  • IT service management has long suffered from bureaucratic approaches and general risk aversion—which results in layers of approvals, development delays and confusion, and, ultimately, failure to deliver value to customers in an agile manner.
  • This authority can be the Current Document Change Authority , described in b.
  • The metadata (e.g., Information about data in the Architectural Description).
  • Examine the charismatic and transformational leadership styles as an emotional approach to organizational change with the help of relevant examples.
  • (Contractors also employ a similar process for their internal configuration control.) CCBs are usually comprised of the joint command or agency body chartered to act on class I ECPs and requests for major or critical deviations.

A change control board looks at change requests which are then reviewed in detail. The changes differ from the baseline requirements set at the approval of the project plan. The change control board then debates the pros and cons of a change, which is why it’s important to have a change control board that reflects all project aspects, from the team to the end-user. Once the change control board has approved a change, the change must be managed. ProjectManager is work and project management software with multiple project views that allow you to work how you want. Whichever view you use, you can create one or multiple tags and filter accordingly to track project changes.

MIL-HDBK-61A: Configuration Control

It illustrates local Government representative review and concurrence with class II changes and minor deviations and its endorsement (or non-endorsement) of class I changes and major/critical deviations. The CCB then reviews the proposal and the implementation commitments and either approves or disapproves them in accordance with the procuring activity’s policy. As a result of the CCB decision, implementing direction is given, typically in the form of a CCB directive.

configuration control board

Interview the application representative and determine if application development is performed on site by the organization. Joseph is a global best practice trainer and consultant with over 14 years corporate experience. His passion is partnering with organizations around the world through training, development, adaptation, streamlining and benchmarking their strategic and operational policies and processes in line with best practice frameworks and international standards. His specialties are IT Service Management, Business Process Reengineering, Cyber Resilience and Project Management.

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States when, where, and by whom the documentation will be updated and the change will be incorporated in the product and in all supporting elements. The ASRG works through a dedicated secretariat, standing groups, and ad hoc working groups to execute its responsibilities. Standing groups include the Information Technology Standards Committee , Global Information Grid Technical Guidance Configuration Management Board , the Architecture Review Group and the Enterprise Reference Architecture Cell . Ad hoc groups will be constituted as needed to work specific issues related to policy, compliance criteria, reference models, and related issues in the EA and standards domains. Support will be provided by member organizations, and existing groups will re-align under the ASRG as applicable.

configuration control board

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