Blog post talks about many years 1613 – 1718 on the parish out-of Roadway, Sussex, England

Blog post talks about many years 1613 – 1718 on the parish out-of Roadway, Sussex, England

Tillinghurst family history (continued) by Michael J. Burchall. A family history of one’s descendants off Robert Tillinghurst off Road tucked 1613. Surnames mentioned are: Hosmer, Hurst, Pardon, Picknoll, Waller, Tichborne, Geere, Dalleg, Connection, Saxby, Archer, Cox, Browne, Lechford, Butterworth and you will Taber.

Armed forces marriages for the Brighton inside the Napoleonic times of the Leslie Suggars and you may Francis Leeson. List of army marriage ceremonies setup of the tool (grooms just). Complete records can be found in the brand new Brighton wedding sign in during the Condition Number Office otherwise Society off Genealogists, London area. Article discusses many years 1754 – 1837 regarding the parish away from Brighton, Sussex, The united kingdomt. Blog post in the Sussex Loved ones Historian, Volume 1 #cuatro February 1974, pgs 88-ninety-five and you will pg 96

Sussex bastardy check in 1835 – 1839 because of the Michael J. Burchall. Blog post covers the years 1835 – 1839 about parishes from Petsworth, Lewes, Horsham, and you will Chichester, Sussex, The united kingdomt. Article in the Sussex Household members Historian, Volume 1 #cuatro March 1974, pgs 97-101

This new Autobiography away from Charles Adsett – 1826 by Roy Adsett. Autobiography with cards of the Roy Adsett. Surnames said: Cornell, Betchel, Baldwin, Shaw, Forbes, Jackson, Wissler, Galbraith, Heather, Kirkland, Watson, Tilt, and you may Hough. Article discusses the years 1826 – 1940 on parish away from Northern Chapel, Sussex, The united kingdomt, and in brand new parish from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Blog post on the Sussex Friends Historian, Frequency step 1 #4 February 1974, pgs 102-105

A good abstract out of a level of Quarter Example Details giving identity, parish, career away from dad, sex off youngster, day from delivery, commentary

Anne out-of Cleves’ Eastbourne tithes by Arthur J. Gautrey. After the loss of Anne from Cleves, the new arrangements made for their unique got to help you John Wells and you may Hercules Witham. James Gildredge got it from their store. A lawsuit was put forward over it. Surnames these are simply: Gilbert, Beard, Alchorne, Bancroft, Foster, Eversfield, Jenkin, Spiller, Whitpaine, Collier, Diggons, Strickland, Old, Fairway, Mortimer, Fricker, Tutt, Scarlett, Crundon, Benister, Tourle, Worge, Webb, Elphick, Friend, Wilson, Selwyn, Philpott, King, Hollands, Herriott, Goffe, Sennock, Tompsette, Miller, Dyer, Frost, Fennells, The netherlands, Renn, Crundon, Sparrow, Browne, Burton, Thorney, and you can James. Post talks about many years 1540 – 1740 throughout the parish regarding Eastbourne, Sussex, The united kingdomt. Post in the Sussex Household members Historian, Frequency step 1 #5 Summer 1974, pgs 112-114

Roman Catholics when you look at the Sussex – 1715 because of the Michael J. Burchall. A list of Roman Catholics for the Sussex providing name, household and value off home. Post talks about the entire year 1715 on the state out-of Sussex, England. Post in the Sussex Family unit members Historian, Volume 1 #5 Summer 1974, pgs 115-116

Reading Putative fathers by Michael J. Burchall. Talk out of as to why fathers out of illegitmate youngsters had been sought after with take to records regarding One-fourth Instructions records of Sussex bastardy tips. Article covers many years 1642 – 1755 on the county away from Sussex, England. Blog post regarding Sussex Nearest and dearest Historian, Regularity step 1 #6 Sep 1974, pgs 150-153

Rye apprentices 1602 – 1645. A summary of apprentices giving big date, name, grasp, trading and you will ref. Blog post talks about the years 1602 – 1618 on the parish away from Rye, Sussex, England. Post regarding the Sussex Friends Historian, Regularity 1 #6 September 1974, pgs 164-169

Playing with manorial information – an illustration. Manorial ideas can be used to influence matchmaking plus the record out of good manor. An excellent facsimile and you will transcription are supplied. Surnames these are simply: Raynes, Medherst, Humfry, Swaisland, Courthope, and you may Everest. Article talks about recent years 1656 – 1658 on the parish off Hartfield, Sussex, England. Article on the Sussex Loved ones Historian, Frequency step 1 #6 Sep 1974, pgs 170-171

Post regarding Sussex Family relations Historian, Volume step one #cuatro March 1974, pgs 85-88

Certain interesting Sussex payment documentation. Settlement paperwork examples inform you brands, big date out of examination, host to delivery, es regarding people, and you can buy to go. Surnames these are merely Spratt, Hollands, Jenkins, Atkins, Bayers, Bellinger, Mousky, Benson, Slope, Baker, Biffin, Boswell, Brett, Briton, Cayley, Christmas time, and you may Cole. Blog post covers many years 1740 – 1767 throughout the state of Sussex, The united kingdomt. Blog post on the Sussex Family members Historian, Regularity step one #6 Sep 1974, pgs 172-174

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