Annually push statement deals ranging from an intellectual-boggling fifty,000 leva so you can a rock-bottom 500

Annually push statement deals ranging from an intellectual-boggling fifty,000 leva so you can a rock-bottom 500

Of many Kalaydzhii is actually unwilling to discuss money, and many also point out that the new “price” try emblematic which is just a few leva, to steadfastly keep up the new community. The average price is said to be about step three,000 to help you 5,000 leva.

The brand new Kalaydzhii was rarely the most successful citizens of Bulgaria, and most of them nevertheless create tinkering, the conventional activity of the ancestors. Immediately after, not too long ago, when most of the members of the family within the small-town Bulgaria used copper pans, pots and cauldrons to prepare preserves towards the cold temperatures, itinerant tinkers were far in demand. Of several Bulgarians over 35 remember the removed-out whines out of “Kala greatydzhigoodtgood-a-a!,” or “The fresh new Tinke-e-er!,” because Gypsies stepped new roadways, always in the beginning a summer early morning. When individuals heard their whines, they might remove most of the pot and you can pan hence called for mending and, following the required negotiating over the speed, brand new Gypsy would assemble brand new utensils. However carry them to his makeshift go camping on the outskirts of the city or community and you can repair him or her, with the help of their wife. A couple of days later on, he’d bring the fresh cookware straight back, glowing silver-white internally and you will coppery pink on the outside, because if new.

Fashions altered, and some families changed the newest copper pots and pans with the fresh ones away from very pretty Mati girl Teflon or stainless-steel. So it, combined with depopulation of communities and metropolises and you can a drop regarding preparation away from winter saves, slain off the organization of your Kalaydzhii. Most of them are still devoted towards interest and you may keep their much time peregrinations around the country, although young age group actively seeks alternative methods and then make closes fulfill. Someone else have became cows dealers. According to rumour, these of them are better of. If you find yourself traveling doing, it purchase animals or creature hides and other people be much more than just prepared to sell to him or her, while they spend on the spot plus don’t cheating. Then the people provide the latest pets in order to areas where capable offer him or her to possess an excellent finances.

Others, yet not, want to feature prior to the media about the currency he or she is willing to invest in good bride to be

This is why on the very same date and also in the brand new same town where Brides’ Reasonable was stored, there is a pony Fair, also. The latest horse therefore the fiance places are merely divided of the a highway and regularly this new pets have more appeal.

The length of time the Brides’ Reasonable went on are not familiar, however it evolves always. Up until now, including, people familiar with gather on a special put, nearby the railway channel from inside the Stara Zagora. Once restoration really works, even if, the metropolis council went case so you can nearby Mogila. In 2012, the city faced another transform, since Todorovden coincided on the National Time towards the 3 March, therefore the knowledge is delay until 4 March.

The best alter, not, is the popularity of new reasonable. On a yearly basis a lot fewer youngsters look for someone in the it and some brides-to-become know which they would rather get married a Bulgarian. There is the trouble of your news. The fresh Brides’ Fair has been very “fashionable” that a-swarm regarding journalists of all the categories finds this new mountain also sooner than brand new Kalaydzhii as well as team doing, trying to correspond with this new girls, to help you everybody’s irritation.

Some of them run tin and also make gutters, stove water pipes therefore the characteristic Gypsy Love stoves, so-named given that flame in them burns fiercely however, easily passes away off

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