Afterwards, he was found regarding school’s park together with his friends, smiling during the a beneficial bird who landed to your his hands

Afterwards, he was found regarding school’s park together with his friends, smiling during the a beneficial bird who landed to your his hands

Episode 04 – The Depression, Wonder, and Disappearance out of Nagito Komaeda

Viewing their friends being depressing for hours on end following the fatalities of Natsumi Kuzuryu and you can Sato impacting the comfort, Nagito felt the guy must do something regarding it. Since yearly standard test create begin the next day, Nagito visited Chisa regarding the personnel area and you can expected their unique to cancel the test, need you to his class mates would not be on their finest on account of the current feeling. Sadly, the exam did not become terminated due to the fact Nagito wanted, however, he’d already waiting his own package.

Very first, Nagito provided Teruteru a photograph publication of one’s famous idol Sayaka Maizono on the precise location of the Biggest Pharmacist Seiko Kimura, the upperclassmen exactly who aided Teruteru create his aphrodisiac soup.

Nagito upcoming visited Seiko within biochemistry research, claiming become constipated and you may requesting a beneficial laxative. Yet not, when he attained towards the package higher-up regarding sites area, he fell on the ground and additionally one or two package. The guy would not browse the English names and you can trusted their fortune, selecting a bad bottle labeled “Reanimator” intended for Seiko’s classmate Ruruka Ando rather than the “Reactivator”.

Then, Nagito kept an anonymous warning towards university you to crappy anything carry out happen should your important studies commonly canceled, and then he hid a bomb in the gym.

Some time later, Nagito occur to bumped towards Seiko who was rushing with the fitness center. Nagito thanked their towards laxative, and this made Seiko very happy. She remaining quickly in addition to their comparable searching bags was indeed eventually turned.

Nagito prepared the latest drugs concealed just like the drinks, and therefore was the original section of their bundle, while the bomb seemed to be bundle B in case the previous unsuccessful. Gundham Tanaka’s lost dog taken among the drinks and became big, and therefore produced Nagito realize that its not a good laxative. Unperturbed by the monster dog, Nagito decided to keep pace his package and employ the newest bomb button, but realized that the guy has also an inappropriate bag. Canine went inside the gymnasium when you are Nagito seated off, relatively disheartened due to his failure therefore the number of crappy luck. However, then beamed, proclaiming that he should be truly fortunate playing such as for example bad luck.

After that, the judges ended up food Ruruka’s pastries laced having laxative, and Seiko occur to turned-on this new bomb as well as Ruruka.

Chisa discover Nagito and you can spoke with him alone about what took place. Nagito said their ideology, but Chisa told him that vow doesn’t come from hurting others. Whenever Nagito titled themselves trash again, Chisa slapped your and then Tallinn in Estonia marriage agency carefully grabbed their direct ranging from their particular hands, informing him that he’s maybe not trash, however, their particular precious student who are able to graduate that have someone else. Chisa later on defended Nagito against the prominent and told their friends that Nagito merely wanted to help them and they is always to give your an enjoying enjoy as he efficiency.

Of the experience, Seiko, Ruruka and you may Sonosuke Izayoi wound-up expelled, Nagito’s teacher Koichi Kizakura are put-on probation and you may Chisa are moved to this new Reserve Direction. Nagito is actually frozen forever, not expelled on account of their great talent, and important reports was basically indeed defer. It is also said that miraculously there were no casualties regarding the explosion, which is a special illustration of Nagito’s chance.

Episode 07 – The biggest, Really Atrocious Event inside the Hope’s Height Academy’s Records

Nagito don’t go back to Hope’s Level to own annually. During the one-point, he had been to the a new airplanes which crashed, having Nagito the only real survivor, making him by yourself with the a left behind area heaven.

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