About that’s what he tells himself

About that’s what he tells himself

The exact opposite off Great (2062 terms) by ZinnithRating: ExplicitAdditional Labels: Questionable Agree, Angst, Ebony, Event Level, Shame, Hurt/ComfortSummary: John is ok. [Ep:Miller’s Crossing]

I am unable to from the lenyiaSummary: “John really stands with the balcony and his awesome direct confronts two moons of your own globe. However, he cannot find them. His thoughts are back on earth.” Followed closely by I am unable to form I favor your & I will pretend [Ep:Miller’s Crossing]

you really have over a beneficial braver situation from the thisissiriusSummary: “The fresh Little princess and you can Ronon took Rodney and his sis back to the secret base.” Their terminology was indeed tinged with despair one to Jeannie would never possess been able to read had she perhaps not Japanilainen-naiset haluavat treffata minua been hearing for it. “They don’t take long for Annie becoming ill.” [Ep:Miller’s Crossing]

eHarmony (4520 terminology) by tigerladyAdditional Tags: Split, Occurrence Related, Romantic ComedySummary: “Wait. So you happen to be saying that the women within this place are all competing to have a chance to getting with me, and i don’t need to marry them?” (A return to the world regarding event ‘Harmony’.) [Ep:Harmony]

Compile Festival by Ras ElasedRating: ExplicitAdditional tags: sex ritual, societal sexSummary: Without having any rituals the guy performed, Rodney realized sunlight would however increase each and every morning, the brand new precipitation carry out nonetheless slide, while the herbs would nonetheless expand

Every Saints (3449 conditions) of the krabappleSummary: Therefore, given that we have so good an affect out-of witnesses related all of us / let’s also lay aside the encumbrance and you can let us work at with endurance the fresh race that is set in advance of all of us (paraphrase out-of Hebrews 12:1) John is the experience to help you Rodney’s passageway. [Ep:Harmony] [Ep:The brand new Shrine]

New Ebony Side (7497 terminology) by astolatRating: ExplicitAdditional Labels: To begin with Posted on LiveJournal, challenge: dark sideSummary: “You are not a great Jedi, are you currently?” the fresh Sith Lord told you. “Oh, pardon me, I am a great Jedi,” Rodney told you.

Because the Broad as the Heavens (10899 terms and conditions) of the seperisAdditional Labels: Option UniverseSummary: End. To begin with authored throughout the Duet Drive zine Growing. My personal eternal appreciation for being incorporated, as that was my personal earliest zine and that i consider this can be the original fic you to definitely made me practically worry more comma positioning.[Political Au having presidential candidate John!]

Not quite Brain surgery of the fruit_piSummary: It has been six-weeks and you can six days because the Rodney stomped into the the latest press room with around three-hundred or so and you may 30 independent printed-out e-e-mails so you’re able to , asking for guidance and you can praising the column for being snarky, condescending and brilliant. “Seem to anybody such as your arse inclinations written down,” John got told you. Rodney had snorted. “Frequently some one for example taking research-founded sex guidance couched inside the sarcasm,” he would replied.[CollegeAU]

Quantum Entanglements of the reddwarferSummary: (AU) When Rodney’s half a dozen years old–and you can waiting around for passing via dominant along with his really furious mommy–he suits John and you will everything you change.

Whenever Can’t and won’t Are the same Matter because of the lovethesnarkSummary: John will not really think about this up until they are straight back toward Atlantis

The latest Wraith do nevertheless come. Not really Rodney you’ll end you to definitely. Nevertheless the villagers got grown up dependant on the newest traditions, with the morale and you can structure it offered, and you can Rodney possibly wondered when the society perform failure without them. Often the guy questioned when the a society you to idiotic earned to survive.

Mona Lisa Package because of the tzzzzSummary: Rodney McKay is just one of the geniuses whom written Skynet. John Sheppard is distributed back in time discover him.

Don’t cover-up, see the look at. (3934 terms and conditions) because of the you to_whichAdditional Labels: Snark, Short term Character Dying, Envy, Very first Kiss, Sticks and you will Stones, McShep Meets Issue 2012Summary: Whenever they are faced with their emotions, John will likely be variety of an anus. [It was created to have McShep Match, Team Place, into fast Sticks and you will Stones.]

2 yrs Just after The next day from the lavvyan (1483 terminology) of the lavvyanRelationships: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Evan Lorne/Radek ZelenkaAdditional Labels: Option World, AngstSummary: McKay had set up for hop out, and you may Sheppard had dialled this new Entrance in order to Environment themselves, while the two of all of them had not traded an alternate phrase while the McKay hefted his duffle handbag and you will walked into wormhole.

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